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"The relationship between a client must be 'WE'."

Billy Baldwin

Image by Aaron Burden

Mike, Director

Professional Development for Educators

Our work is in providing professional development for a small, significant group of teachers in Michigan, where this kind of niche is not easy to build and maintain. Tracie’s work helped us to move from word-of-mouth to the web in strategic ways. 

While offering great work in web design, Tracie consistently goes beyond expectations in her support of our building online registration systems and marketing tools. She interacts thoughtfully and frequently, and if she sees a problem that we don’t, she brings these to our attention and offers smart options for our consideration.


We are treated as a partner and not just as an account. Her work has been an important factor in our success and due to our collaboration, we are now in a great position to both deepen and expand our work.

Arnold, President

Liturgical Furniture Sales

Tracie was a pleasure to work with as we developed various marketing materials from literature to a complete website. Her ability to listen to what we really needed and then develop unique ideas made the process easy to work through. I have gone back to Tracie several times as things needed further updates, and I would certainly recommend her to others.

Sharon, Executive Officer

 The web page that she has designed and updates is the resource web page that all our member REALTOR®'s use on a daily basis. I highly recommend her for her expertise on web page design, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, and other social media.

Jim, Communications Specialist

Michigan School District

My job, as my title implies, is to communicate to our community in a variety of ways. All of them, the District’s newspaper, school newsletters, website, pamphlets and other publications require eye-catching and clean graphics.

My background as a reporter for 30 years prepared me for the writing part of the job, but the graphics and design end is where I heavily lean on Ms. Stephens to handle. My predecessor  warned me when I took over to not let Ms. Stephens get away.

Her ideas are always on target, they are always done on, and usually before, deadline and always above expectations. She is web savvy and has a critical eye for design and layout. 

Because Tracie works at a location away from my office, I have learned to trust her to complete the work I’ve sent her on time.

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